1. Charlotta (2021)

    HD single channel video, 9' min.

  2. Es mācēju danci vest / I know how to dance (2018)

    HD single channel video, 18' min.

  3. Green school (2017)

    HD video, 13' min., 2017

  4. Sea of Living Memories (2016)


  5. Potom (2016)

    video, 20'min.

  6. Four Edges of Pyramiden (2015)

    Video, 20' min.

  7. Pyramiden (2014)

    Series of colour photographs, various size.

  8. Renunciation

    video, 2014

  9. Extreme Fugue for One Voice. Laima.

    HD video.  4'28, 2013

  10. Eight

    Video. 8', 2012

  11. Mothers (2011-)

    Series of 6 photographs and 6 texts.

  12. I Was Almost There (2012)

    Following the trail of her Russian great grandmother, Ieva Epnere recounts an initiatory journey, a personal quest, the reconstruction of a family story through the “I was almost there” series. In spite of the approximation of the information she had, she was able to see and to walk in the same places. Well almost, she doesn’t know if she walks the same streets, if she visited the church where she used to go. But one thing is for sure, she is almost there.

  13. Their Flemish Landscapes (2011-2012)

    Series of 12 colour photographs. Various size

  14. Artist portraits (2011)

    Series of 70 artist portraits, which was commissioned by art collector Guntis Belēvičs.


  15. The Green Land (2010)

    Colour photographs. Various size. 

  16. Solo (2008)

  17. Rīgas cirks / Riga Circus (2004-2008)

    Colour and black&white photographs. Various size

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